Seagate 2TB SV35 Searies STA HDD

4,464.00 3,720.00

Ideal for entry-level surveillance DVRs
Capacities up to 3TB support systems with 1-8 drive bays and up to 32 cameras
Precision-tuned for high write surveillance workloads
For additional features to support NVR applications check out Seagate Surveillance HDD

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Table 1 Drive specifications summary for 3TB, 2TB and 1TB models
Drive Specification ST3000VX000 ST2000VX000 ST1000VX000
Formatted capacity (512 bytes/sector)* 3000GB / (3TB) 2000GB / (2TB) 1000GB / (1TB)
Guaranteed sectors 5,860,533,168 3,907,029,168 1,953,525,168
Heads 6 2
Disks 3 1
Bytes per sector 4096
(4K physical emulated at 512-byte sectors)
Default sectors per track 63
Default read/write heads 16
Default cylinders 16,383
Recording density (max) 1807kFCI
Track density (avg) 352 ktracks/in
Areal density (avg) 625Gb/in2
Spindle speed 7200 RPM
Internal data transfer rate (max) 2147Mb/s
Average data rate, read/write (MB/s) 156MB/s
Maximum sustained data rate, OD read (MB/s) 210MB/s
I/O data-transfer rate (max) 600MB/s
Cache buffer 64MB
Height (max) 26.1mm / 1.028 in 20.17mm / 0.7825 in
Width (max) 101.6mm /4.0 in (+ 0.010 in)
Length (max) 146.99mm / 5.787 in
Weight (typical) 626g /1.38 lb 400g / 0.88 lb
Average latency 4.16ms
Power-on to ready (max) <17.0s <10.0s
Standby to ready (max) <17.0s <10.0s
Average seek, read (typical)
Average seek, write (typical)
<8.5ms typical
<9.5ms typical
Startup current (typical) 12V (peak) 2.0A
Voltage tolerance (including noise) 5V: ±5%
12V: +10% / -7.5%
Non-Operating (Ambient °C) –40° to 70°
Operating ambient temperature (min °C) 0°
Operating temperature (Drive case max °C) 70†
Temperature gradient 20°C per hour max (operating)
30°C per hour max (non operating)
Relative humidity 5% to 95% (operating)
5% to 95% (non-operating)
Relative humidity gradient (max) 30% per hour


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